Peerless MTL-315 Garden Tractor 2 link Ladder Style Tire Chains 15x6.00-6

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Minimum Purchase:
1 unit

Peerless Garden Tractor ladder style chains

for the use with garden tractors and other special vehicles.

•2 link spacing for better traction.

•Twist link crossmembers.

•Can be turned around for longer life.

•Inexpensive and simple to install.

•Rubber tensioner not included.

- Sold in pairs.

- Free shipping in US.

•Adjustment kits available for differences in actual tire size.

•Packaging: 1 pair per cardboard box. Cardboard box will be opened to allow for economical shipping.

Fits: 15x6.00-6 tires.

EXTENSION KIT: Actual tire dimensions

can vary widely with Garden Tractor tires. The

extension kit allows to adapt the tire chains

to tires which are larger than normal