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Grizzlar GRM-224 Grader, Scraper and Heavy Equipment Type OTR Diamond Net Tire Chains Pair 17.5-24 17.5-25


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Minimum Purchase:
1 unit

 Diamond pattern Grader Tire chain ideal for use in extreme winter conditions.
With reinforced links and additional welded elements for demanding and constant use on snow and ice. Ideal for snow ploughing.
- Available in link thicknesses of 6,5 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm, 9.5 mm and 12mm.
- D – shape profile for safe grip on snow and ice.
- High quality case-hardened and galvanized.
- Adjustment shackles on inner side chain for an optimal fit on the tyre.
- Equipped with tensioning chain and tightening lever.
- Welded rings connect the tread to the side chain.

-Surface treatment: zinc plated or painted green.
- Approved according to Ö-Norm 5119.

- Sold in Pairs.

- Free shipping in US.

- Packaged in durable fabric bag or wooden crate.

Fits: 17.5-24, 17.5-25

Grizzlar Max Tire sizes Link Diameter
GRM-224 17.5-24, 17.5-25 9.5
GRM-227 16.00-24 9.5
GRM-233 20.5-25 12.8
GRM-245 23.5-25 12.8