Grizzlar GTU-288 Garden Tractor 2 link Ladder Alloy Tire Chains Tensioner included 24x12.00-12

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Grizzlar Garden Tractor ladder style chains

for the use with garden tractors and other special vehicles.

•2 link spacing for better traction.

•Manganese steel for up to 30% longer durability than low carbon steel chains.

•Twist link crossmembers.

•Can be turned around for longer life.

•Inexpensive and simple to install.

•Includes rubber tensioner.

- Sold in Pairs.

- Free shipping in US.

•Adjustment kits available for differences in actual tire size.

 - For deep lug tires our net style tire chains should be used.
•Packaging: 1 pair per cotton bag.

Fits: 24x12.00-12

EXTENSION KIT: Actual tire dimensions

can vary widely with Garden Tractor tires. The

extension kit allows to adapt the tire chains

to tires which are larger than normal


GTU‑212 10/10.5-2.75, 10-2.75, 10.5-2.75      -      -
GTU‑216 10.25x3.25, 10x3.50, 9.5x3      -      -
GTU‑220 12x3, 4.10/3.50-5, 4.10-5, 3.50-5      - GTU‑CM06
GTU‑224 3.40/3.00-5, 4.10/3.50-4, 3.40-5, 3.00-5, 4.10-4, 3.50-4      - GTU‑CM07


12.25x3.50, 12x3.25, , 3.50-6
      - GTU‑CM07
GTU‑232 14x4.00-6, 14x5.00-6, 14x5.30-6, 14x5.50-5, 15x5.00-6, 16x6x10.5 solid, 5.30/4.50-6, 5.30-6, 4.50-6      - GTU‑CM08
GTU‑236  12.5x4.50‑6, 12x7‑4, 13x4.00‑5, 13x4.00‑6, 13x4.1-6, 13x5.00‑6, 4.10-6NHS, 4.10/3.50-6, 4.10-6      - GTU‑CM08
GTU‑240 4.00/4.80-8, 4.80-8, 4.00-8 GSL‑20030 GTU‑CM08
GTU‑244 15x6.00‑6      - GTU‑CM17
GTU‑248 18x6.50‑8 GSL‑20030 GTU‑CM17
GTU‑252 16x5.50-8, 16x6.50-8, 5.00/5.70-8, 5.00-8, 5.70-8 GSL‑20030 GTU‑CM17
GTU‑256 18x8.50‑10, 18x8.50‑8, 18x8x12.125 solid, 18x9.50‑8, 9x9.50‑8 GSL‑20030 GTU‑CM11
GTU‑260  20x7‑12, 20x8.00‑10, 20x8.00‑8, 20x9.00‑8 GSL‑20032 GTU‑CM11
GTU‑264  20x10.00‑10, 20x10.00‑8, 20x9.00‑10, 21x8.00‑10 GSL‑20032 GTU‑CM100
GTU‑268 20x10.50‑12, 21x10.50‑12, 22x10.00‑12, 22x7.50‑12, 22x9.00‑12 22x9.50‑12, 23x8.50‑12, 8x12 GSL‑20032 GTU‑CM10
GTU‑272 23x9.50‑12, 24x8.00‑14, 24x8.50‑12, 24x8.50‑14 GSL‑20032 GTU‑CM10
GTU‑276 22x11.00‑8, 23x10.00‑12, 23x10.50‑12, 23x10.50‑12NHS, 24x9.50‑12 GSL‑20032 GTU‑CM12
GTU‑280 24x13.00‑12, 26x10.00‑12, 26x11.00‑12, 26x12.00‑12, 26x12.00‑12 NHS GSL‑20032 GTU‑CM113
GTU‑284 27x12.50‑15NHS, 29x12.00‑15   GTU‑CM113
GTU‑288 24x12.00‑12 GSL‑20032  GTU‑CM113