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Grizzlar GTU-435 Garden Tractor 4 Link Ladder Alloy Tire Chains Tensioner included 27x12.50-15 29x12.00-15


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CHAIN Ladder Style with tensioners

Grizzlar’s Garden Tractor Ladder Style

Chains for use with garden tractors

and other special vehicles.



- 4 link spacing for lower cost.

- Manganese steel for longer durability.

- Twist link crossmembers.

- Tensioners included in package.

- Can be turned around for longer life.

- Inexpensive and simple to install.

- Sold in pairs.

- For turf tires only. For deep lug tires we recommend our GTN-500 net style chains.

- Extension kits available for differences in

actual tire sizes.


Packaging: 1 pair per cotton bag.

Fits: 27x12.50-15NHS; 29x12.00-15; 29x12.50-15NHS

EXTENSION KIT: Actual tire dimensionscan vary widely with Garden Tractor tires. Theextension kit allows to adapt the tire chainsto tires which are larger than normal.

All of the numbers of your tire size have to exactly match (both number and the order in which the numbers are listed) with our tire size in the application list. If in doubt, contact us.

For a complete application list: see pictures. Always check your owner´s manual for possible clearance and use restrictions.

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