Grizzlar GTU-525 ATV 2 Link Ladder Alloy Tire Chains with Tensioners 24x9-11 24x10-11 24x10-12 25x10.00-12

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1 unit

Grizzlar ATV CHAIN Ladder Style

- Manganese steel for longer durability.

- Twist link crossmembers with V-bars.

- 2-link spacing.

- Simple to install.

- Required tensioners are included in the package.

- Free shipping in the US.

Packaging: 1 pair in cotton bag.

Stock No. Tire Sizes Tensioner
GTU-505 21x9-10, 22x8-10, 22x9-8, 22x10-9, 23x7-10, 22x10-8 GSL-20032
GTU-509 21x10‑12, 22x8‑12, 22x10‑10, 23x8‑10, 23x8‑11, 23x10‑10 GSL-20032
GTU-513 23x10.5‑12, 24x11‑8, 24x11‑9, 24x11‑10, 24x11‑12, 24x11.50‑10 GSL-20032
GTU-517 24x13‑9, 25x10‑10, 25x10‑12, 25x10.5‑15, 25x11‑10, 25x11‑12, 25x12‑9, 25x12‑10, 25x13‑9 GSL-20032
GTU-521 22x11‑8, 22x11‑9, 22x11‑10, 23x11‑10 GSL-20032
GTU-525 24x9‑11, 24x10‑11, 24x10‑12, 25x10.00‑12 GSL-20032
GTU-529 24x8‑11,24x8‑12, 24x9‑12, 25x8‑12 GSL-20032
GTU-533 28x10‑12, 26x11‑12, 26x12‑12 GSL-20032