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 ICEHiker O

Going hunting, fishing or hiking in the winter? Are you wokring in the forestry business? Then IceHiker O is the right product for you! It will give you excellent grip for your activities in wet, snowy or icy conditions!
Need a reliable shoe chain for forestry, vineyards, steep slopes, mountaineering or tree farms? IceHiker O gives you great performance for all those activities!


- Easy and quick to slip on and take off.

- Convenient carrying case with belt attachment and carabine hook.

- Covers both ball and heel of the shoe to provide stable footing.

- Steel point for excellent grip.

- Sold in pairs.

- Free shipping in US.


ICEHiker O shoe chains are designed for snow and icy terrain, lawn

mowing on steep terrain, logging, fishing and hunting.

Packaging: 1 pair in unique carrying case.


Size   S   M   L   XL
U.S.Men's  5 - 6  6.5 - 9  9.5 - 12.5  13 - UP
U.S. Women's  5 - 7  7.5 - 10  10.5 - UP    -

*NOTE: Regular boots add ONE shoe size. Insulated boots add TWO shoe sizes.

Not for indoor use. ICEHikers are an aid for the prevention of slips and falls, not a guarantee.

Always use extreme caution on slick surfaces.